learning bahasa indonesia

I am currently learning Spanish for the past several months now, since I was gearing up for a month-long vacation to Chile over the Christmas holidays. Well, the tides of opportunity have turned and I may instead spend 2-3 weeks in Indonesia. I have traveled to a good number of countries over the years that I have come to value knowing the language and culture of the country I plan to visit. So know I am warming up to the idea of learning Bahasa Indonesia.

Has anyone ever tried learning Bahasa Indonesia as a second language? I would like to hear from you.


2 Responses to “learning bahasa indonesia”

  1. renaissanceguy Says:

    I know a little bit. I lived in Indonesia for the last two years and plan to go back.

  2. travelchick Says:

    hi renaissanceguy,

    in which part of indonesia did you live? did you have to speak in bahasa indonesia most of the time, or did enough locals know english (i’m assuming english is your first language) that you didn’t have to learn that much indonesian?

    which words, phrases, and sentences did you find yourself using a lot in indonesia?

    i just recently subscribed to indonesian word of the day. we’ll see how that goes.


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