word of the hari

I have recently subscribed to Indonesian word of the day. I haven’t been so impressed with it until today, day three of my subscription. Here’s what I got:


Translation: day

Pronunciation: “ha-ree

Part of speech: noun

Contoh (example):

Minggu ini saya ada satu hari libur.

This week I have one day off.

Related Words:

sehari (adverb) = one day

seharian (adverb) = the whole day, all day long

harian (adverb) = daily

sehari-hari (adverb) = every day

berhari-hari (adverb) = day after day

I love how I can focus on one word at a time. The example sentences do not make much sense to me right now, but I know eventually they will. When learning a new language, you got to start somewhere right? Just follow a path that works best for you. In my case, I usually follow the most fun path.

For instance, I take the bus to work everyday. I enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about a car, parking, insurance payments, possible accidents, violation tickets, the obscene price of gasoline, and such. But waiting for and riding a bus can be time-consuming and boring, so for the last several months I have transferred my Pimsleur Spanish I series over to my ipod and I make perfect use of my idle time. In the Spanish I series, I have diligently and religiously gone through each lesson, in sequence, and in multiple iterations per lesson until I can get it 100% right.

Now that I am listening to the Pimsleur Spanish II series, I have jazzed it up a bit. I listen to each lesson in random order. What’s nice about Pimsleur Spanish II is that after completing Spanish I, each lesson in Spanish II is, for the most part, independent from each other. So I know that eventually, I will master all 30 lessons, as a group. Anyway, learning Spanish this way makes it exciting and fun for me. This way, learning a language does not feel like a chore.

Have fun learning a new language!


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