warm windsurfing spots in the world

I used to practice windsurfing every week at Lake Hodges in Escondido. It has been closed to windsurfing for quite awhile now. What a shame. The dam/lake was murky but an easy place to learn the sport. The winds were straight-forward, and the water was flat. Most of all, the water was warm and you don’t need a wetsuit to keep you comfortable.

Last year, I discovered a small and charming place in Argentina called Peru Beach. To get there, catch the Mitré line from Retiro Station. Get off at Mitré station, catch the comfortable Tren de la Costa, and get off at Barrancas station. Follow the windsurfing signs and you’ll be in little paradise in no time. Enjoy the sight of turquoise waters on a nice sunny day, watch the beautifully colored kites on the horizon, and order an exquisite piece (or pieces!) of grilled pork chop, a generous serving of heavenly fries (You GOT to have the fries), and some ice-cold cerveza. Ay! Que Rico. Then approach the thatched hut to your right and sign up for windsurfing lessons. The water was perfect on my first day in the water. It was warm, flat, and below waist-deep. It was one of my best windsurfing days ever. Never was it this easy to get in and out of the board.

Where is your favorite warm windsurfing spot in the world?


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