girlfriend getaways

Are girlfriend getaways really growing in popularity? Is it a trend especially unique to the U.S. possibly brought about by the Sex and the City phenomenon? Or is it a backlash reaction to mancations?

Do women living in the U.S. feel a stronger need to escape their personal and professional responsibilities? Do they have more stress in their workplace than any other group of women in the world, as evidenced by some marketing hooks like “Stressed out girls need a beauty vacation“? Do they have more stress in their personal relationships with their mates than any other group of women in the world?

And what is most important in these trips? Is it the destination and type of accommodations? Is it spending time bonding with female friends and family, sharing common experiences? Is it a deeper seated need to feel self-confident, adventurous, and relaxed? Is it the freedom to complain about what you don’t like about your partner to someone who is hopefully sympathetic and empathetic to your problems? : – )

And what goes on during these women-only trips? Are these trips mostly comprised of gab sessions about men or their significant others or how to find them? Or are they also about pursuing athletic endeavors like biking from town to town in some idyllic country and yoga in some ecotouristic destination? What about simply relaxing on a 3-mile stretch of pristine beach in the Greek islands? Or something alternative like a motorcycling tour with other adrenaline-driven females?

And how easy is it to plan these getaways? What tend to be the biggest challenges? Is it finding a time that works for everyone? Or selecting a trip that fits everyone’s budget?


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