I’m Outta Here In…

Did you know that Facebook has about 30 or so third-party travel applications available?

One of the most popular applications, I’m Outta Here In…, is advertised as:

“If you’ve already planned your trip, install this fun app and let the countdown begin! Just enter your trip departure date and type, and customize your app with a variety of colors and images from the STA Travel library.”


It is an application written by STA Travel, a travel agency specializing in student travel, and it doesn’t always work. I tried choosing my date of travel, but the number of days and hours did not change.

It also tricks you because if you choose to install this application, it automatically installs three other applications without warning: How’s the Weather?, Cheap Deal Finder, and My Travel Checklist. All three are STA Travel applications of course.

Instead of stealthily installing these “extra” applications, STA Travel could have instead included a list of destination countries, for example, in the I’m Outta Here In… application. It just makes sense.

Lastly, the application forces you, during installation, into checking the box that allows STA Travel access to your personal information on Facebook. You can not install the application unless you check this box. A clock application does not require any other information, especially personal, other than my future date of travel and the current date and time.

The advertisement sounds awesome, but this application has no real value. Instead, STA Travel now has access to my personal information on Facebook. That sounds like a crappy deal to me.


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