aussie slang

From Holidays Allover, an Australian travel agency:

“G’day!” is the old Australian favourite. It means “good day” and is only used informally. These days, however, you are more likely to be greeted with “hi!” or”hello!” or even the execrable”Yo!”.

Australians tend to shorten many words. Take “Australian”, for example. It takes too long to say you see, so it gets abbreviated to Aussie, Barbeque becomes barbie (not the doll). Football = footy (and the t turns into a d sound half the time). Never call us consistent, because Mr. Johnson will most likely be Johnno if he is considered a good bloke. We are also more likely to have a smoko instead of a tea break (even if we don’t smoke) whilst drinking a cuppa (coffee).

Here are my favorite Aussie slang words courtesy of Student Services at Charles Sturt University:

a tiff: a small fight or argument
bloke: male
blow a fuse: get angry
bludger: someone who doesn’t like working very hard
chock-a-block: full
chook: chicken
dill: someone who isn’t very bright or has done something silly
crook: feeling sick or not good (e.g. I am feeling crook)
dunny: toilet/bathroom
esky: a portable container that is insulated and keeps your food/drinks cool
fair go: to give someone a chance
g’day: hello
grog: alcohol
hold on a tick: wait a minute
mossies: mosquitos
sanger: sandwich (e.g. steak sanger)
sheila: female
uni: university
ute: a type of car


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