slow-cooked travel

Here are some “words of wisdom” from someone who shares my traveling philosophy:

Hello everyone!

Angelina here from Persephone’s Bees. Just came back from Russia where I spent 4 fantastic weeks. I’m refreshed, rested and un- programmed again. The thing about staying in one place and not traveling much is that no matter how much brains you’ve got and how much you disagree with things, you get sucked into a certain way of being and living, get influenced by your surroundings, family, friends, enemies etc. Most of the time it’s a good thing : ) Programming makes life a little easier. But then…the most beautiful thing happens, you get on a plane/train/zeppelin/parachute and get transformed somewhere far away into a different life and all of a sudden you’re free from all the bullshit (pardon my language) you’re stuck with. That’s why traveling is highly recommended.

Stop and smell the roses…


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