meehni, wimlah, and gunnedoo

The Three Sisters are a famous rock formation of sandstone pillars in the Blue Mountains of Australia ( The Blue Mountains are named because on a hot clear day, eucalyptus oil evaporates into the atmosphere from the eucalyptus gum trees. A blue haze is then produced when the mountains are viewed from a distance. ). Their names are Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo.

These three pillars were formed by wind and water (from rain and rivers) cutting and wearing away soft parts of the rock in the mountains. Eventually, the Sisters will be eroded away completely. (Oh no!)

Legend says that three sisters fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe, but marriage was forbidden by tribal law. Battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by a witch doctor to protect them, but the witch doctor was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back.



2 Responses to “meehni, wimlah, and gunnedoo”

  1. waltzingaustralia Says:

    This version of the story of the three sisters reminds me how difficult it is to discover the old stories. As one scholar pointed out, different groups have different stories for the same place, but more often, stories differ because not all Aborigines are eager to share important stories with outsiders. While the version I both read and heard did involve a magic man and three girls, it was a bunyip (mythical monster) they were escaping. (Though Aboriginal mythology is certainly full of stories where falling in love has brought about disaster.) To escape being devoured by the bunyip, the witch doctor transformed the three girls into the pillars, then transformed himself into a lyrebird. However, he dropped his magic stick, and that is why the lyrebird can be found scratching around at the base of the cliffs, still searching for the magic stick, so he can change back. But I suspect that even these two versions are not the only ones.

  2. sumera Says:

    there was another thing that there was 7 sisters at first, then eroded away and only 3 are left. i went to the national park and it stated that on one of those billboards. it even had a picture in black and white.

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