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argentine cell phones, why the special treatment? it’s confusing!

December 30, 2007

Calling a cell phone in Argentina by long-distance can be a challenge (Read: pain in the *ss).

In general, you follow this simple step when placing a long-distance call to Argentina:

International Access Code + Country Code + City Code + Local Number

However, you follow this tricky step when placing a long-distance call to a cell phone in Argentina:

This number indicates an international phone call from the United States

This number is Argentina`s country code

This number indicates that you are calling a cell phone

<city code>                    
The complete and latest list of Argetina’s city codes or indicativos can be found here. Cell phones in Argentina have a prefix of (15). So for example, if a home number in Buenos Aires is listed with a (11) prefix, a cell number in Buenos Aires will be listed with a (15) prefix. So, taking this example further, if calling a cell phone within Buenos Aires, you have to dial the (15) prefix. However, if calling a cell phone outside of Argentina, you have to dial the (11) prefix which is the city code for Buenos Aires, and not the (15) prefix. Confused yet? I hope so.

<local number>

So… to summarize, when placing a long-distance call to a cell phone in Buenos Aires from the United States, you have to dial:

011 + 54 + 9 + 11 + local number

The (15) prefix is the giant elephant in the room you are supposed to ignore. Good luck!!!