daylight saving time

For those of you in the United States and, especially, traveling to and from the United States, did you know that daylight-saving time begins March 9? We’ll spring forward one hour. Don’t forget!

My partner and I discovered a glitch in American Airlines’ reservation system last year. They didn’t account for daylight savings time in Argentina (our departure time shows 11am when it should have been noon), so we arrived an hour extra earlier at the airport. No wonder we were so confused by our flights and gate numbers (as in where the **** is our flight/gate? Duh we were ****** too early). Imagine how horrible it would have been if the time change went the other way??

Anyway, here are some details about Argentina’s recent time change:

An important new change has taken effect in Argentina…DAYLIGHT SAVINGS.

Daylight savings went into effect on December 30, 2007. Remember that the southern hemisphere seasons are reversed so the old spring ahead fall back works EXCEPT THE OPPOSITE. Argentine clocks will be turned ahead one hour because it’s spring in the southern hemisphere. To make it more confusing, at least for North Americans, the time will return to normal on March 16, almost one week after the U.S.



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