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beauty travel survival kit

January 31, 2008

Next time you visit the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, you might want to bring these items that I found invaluable during my last visit there:

1. ionic travel hair dryer

This is my favorite holiday present of 2007. It is not as expensive as the T3 travel hair dryer and it has that nozzle that is missing from the very very expensive T3. This hair dryer is dual voltage so all you need is an adaptor plug and you’re good to go! Don’t worry if you forgot to bring an adaptor plug. You can easily buy one in Buenos Aires for cheap. I really love this product. Sometimes I don’t even need to flatiron my hair after I use this dryer.

2. 220V flat iron

This device is a great saver for those bad hair days. I find that my hair goes through an ugly phase a few days after I travel while adjusting to new locales. If you know where I can buy a tourmaline dual-voltage flatiron, please let me know. My hairstylist has one but he got it at some fashion trade show somewhere. Luckyy. I searched the internet high and low and couldn’t find a dual-voltage ceramic flatiron. Anyway, I used this particular flatiron in Buenos Aires. It’s not the best, but it worked pretty well.

3. TRESemmé instant heat tamer

If you’re going to be using a hairdryer or a flatiron, I highly suggest you use a heat protecting spray. This product makes my hair smell good and so much more manageable and shiny! I bought this at Jumbo, Buenos Aires’ version of Walmart. This place kinda rocks! Did you know that the mosque right across this store is the largest mosque in South America? Wicked.

4. DHC Cleansing Foam

I brought with me 4 packet samples of this amazing product. It kept my face clean and comfortable after spending humid afternoons and evenings in B.A. A little goes a long way with this product. The samples lasted me throughout my entire 2.5 week trip. I can live without this product in cold climes but would hate to live without this product in humid weathers.

5. pumice stone

If you visit Buenos Aires in the summer, you will want to roam around in your sexy flip flops. To me, wearing flip flops for weeks mean rough bottoms of the feet. So rub those calluses every day while in the shower. Again, if you happen to forget to pack your pumice stone, you can easily buy one at any of the numerous farmacias in the city. And they’re cheap too!


*new* skype mobile phone

October 30, 2007

According to a CNN report, mobile phone operator 3 and internet company Skype unveiled on Monday a handset that allows customers to make free internet calls outside of the home. This phone will allow Skype’s 246 million registered users to call and instant message each other for free.

The phone will be available on Friday in the U.K., starting from £49.99 on a pay-as-you-go tariff and will also launch in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Macau and Sweden before Christmas. 3 Skypephone is dual band and therefore will not work in the U.S.A.

The phone, developed by Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) and Chinese handset maker Amoi Electronics Co. Ltd, has a Skype button that immediately connects Skype users to their contact list and who on the list is available to take a call. Check out this video to see the Skype mobile phone in action.

The phone has 3G multimedia capabilities, an MP3 music player, and 2 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, Skype will not offer its SkypeOut feature, which allows customers to make cheaper-than-average calls to non-Skype phone users. Instead customers will use 3’s mobile phone network to do this. Customers trying to use the Skype service in countries where 3 doesn’t have a presence will have to pay normal international data tariffs, making it cheaper to use normal voice telephony instead of Skype.

3 is owned by Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, and Skype is owned by eBay Inc (EBAY).

For more details about the new skype mobile phone visit:

To read about its flaws visit:

travel prescription reading glasses

August 21, 2007

I am looking for prescription reading glasses that travel well, maybe something that is lightweight, is compact, and doesn’t scratch too easily. Tinted reading glasses would be even better, to provide protection from bright sunlight. They’d be great for reading outside while lounging near a pool, that you paid $5 to use, at an upscale hotel in Siem Reap to escape from the heat, for reading tabs of “Wonderwall” while playing the guitar on the porch of your pink beach house in Cabarete, or for simply taking a break at some random beach in Uruguay to double-check your map before hopping again on your rented scooter.

Any recommendations?

Update: I have stumbled across this eye-opening blog and might have to take a closer look at it sometime. Maybe I will find a very decent quality pair from here.