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travel prescription reading glasses

August 21, 2007

I am looking for prescription reading glasses that travel well, maybe something that is lightweight, is compact, and doesn’t scratch too easily. Tinted reading glasses would be even better, to provide protection from bright sunlight. They’d be great for reading outside while lounging near a pool, that you paid $5 to use, at an upscale hotel in Siem Reap to escape from the heat, for reading tabs of “Wonderwall” while playing the guitar on the porch of your pink beach house in Cabarete, or for simply taking a break at some random beach in Uruguay to double-check your map before hopping again on your rented scooter.

Any recommendations?

Update: I have stumbled across this eye-opening blog and might have to take a closer look at it sometime. Maybe I will find a very decent quality pair from here.